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Convert your Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint (and more) files to PDF for FREE.

What's the catch? - There is none! I use this site to convert all my files and pictures into PDFs so I can send them to friends and familiy and you can too.

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The great thing about PDFs is that you don't need Microsoft Office on your computer to view them and there are several free PDF viewers that you can download if you don't have one already. PDFs can't carry viruses like Microsoft Word files sometimes can and you can't edit a PDF like you can a .doc document - perfect if you don't want the file changed by the person receiving it.

Remember, it's not just Microsoft Word .doc files that you can convert to PDFs using this website, we support several other popular formats too including images such as jpg, png and gif. You can convert these images to PDF by uploading your image into our convertor or by dragging-and-dropping them on to this page*.

* Drag and drop is dependant on your web browser and is currently supported by the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Apple Safari.